- bunnyapi: ability to handle unlimited storage zones
- bunnyapi: faster url setup (only need bunnyapi + storage zone name for most pipes)
- bunnyapi: advanced security check: bunnyapi key and storage zone name serve as a double-password measure
- bunnyapi: easier-to-read / better UI
- bunnyapi: most api responses are returned in json format (and if not, can use command line)
- bunnyapi: served through NGINX only
- bunnyapi: 33 APIs available
- bunnyapi: open-source
- WordPress plugin: faster method of downloading/uploading used
- WordPress plugin: Added dropdown list of hostnames (default: *
- WordPress plugin: BunnyAPI settings screen loads faster
- WordPress plugin: added ability to show unlimited storage zones 
- WordPress plugin: added ability to transfer files to and from BunnyCDN (media library to bunnycdn and vice versa)
- WordPress plugin: complete revamp [2020]