1. BunnyAPI was built to be used with BunnyCDN and provides an easy-to-use API to build your own CDN service.
  2. Sign up for an account at BunnyCDN and grab your Account API key
  3. Create your zone and grab the ID in the URL
  4. Create a storage zone and grab the API Key (Password)
  5. Fill in the RAW data fields to populate the required URL for every language.
  6. Use curl to make POST/GET requests or link directly to build your own CDN service.

If you are a developer and looking for an amazingly affordable CDN service,
here are some things you can read to convince you that you need to
use BunnyCDN for all of your storage and CDN needs.

A happy customer's review of BunnyCDN | BunnyCDN on TrustPilot | G2 Reviews | Blogging Eclipse Review

Why use BunnyAPI when I can just use BunnyCDN API?
BunnyAPI is a modified version of BunnyCDN's API to make it faster and easier
for anyone to start using immediately.

Start at BunnyCDN and then connect BunnyAPI.

Check out BinCDN, built using BunnyCDN and BunnyAPI.